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DM - Edge

For a while I wanted to make a proper duel map, although Saturation was well received it was a rather quick build and limited due to the competition as such has a few issues. After I released Cipe I was contacted by a fellow mapper, Zaibot, about contributing a map for a pack aimed at competitive play, I accepted and started work on Edge.
While I was creating Cipe I learnt a fair bit about texturing, and decided that If I was going to do another map I was going to make it as custom as possible. So after grabbing some tutorials from 3dmotive I got to work on textures and a few small prop models for this map.

The textures were inspired by Mirrors Edge, while keeping the techy, sci-fi theme of UT. As such they're rather simple yet colourful. Something UT3 lacks in most maps, but one thing I loved about Saturation was the colours. I decided to take the lighting a step further in this map and try to recreate global illumination/radiosity as best possible using the tools available inside UT3's editor. The result is a rather large amount of lights, that could be achieved in UDK easily, but it gives the map a feeling that UT3 lacks, vibrancy and cleanliness.

There's no back story to a new arena, with no major tournament games ever being played here before, only a few matches while Liandri designed and modified it to perfection.
So when you're done slaughtering your opponent, you can start writing its history.

I have made the textures used in this map avaliable here and the sky material has a tutorial and its textures avaliable here.


PC Download for DM-EdgeNight

DM - Edge Night

Edge was a well recieved level and while played by mainly people at varying skill levels while also inspiring other level designers with the texture pack. One thing people kept asking for was a Night version, due to UT3 not really handling bright white very well...
Many people offered to do this for me, but I always wanted to be the one who made it. So after a while and one last nudge I set to it, turning a once bright mid-day level into a moonlit pit of death.

It wasn't too hard thankfully, the thousands of manually placed bounce lights were all grouped up by colour and brightness, toning things down was quite simple, I forgot I had even grouped them, glad I did. The main issue came once the brightnesses had been lowered, while many sections had light sources either emitting light or not, a few areas had been left rather barren in terms of lights.
So throw a few of my wall lights into the darker sections of the level readjust some bounce light values and Edge Night was pretty much done. A few niggling issues with collisions were solved and everything was cooked ready to be played in competitive UT3.

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