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DM - Faze

Faze is a medium sized DM map, aimed to those who play TDM and BTA in UT3. Created to be part of HOLP3 so mainly BSP only and lowpoly.

Faze took about a month to create overall. With some feedback from skilled TDM and Duel players aswell as those who play casually. Theme stays very similar throughout although I would have loved to have put a better texture variety within the map but didnt get around to doing so for the release of HOLP3. Trying to keep the visuals simple yet look good was a challenge, at the end of it the lighting helps play a large part in the map looking good.

Award: None

Review: UTUnlimited :: 84/100

SkaarjMaster "Another good one that's more open but still tight. I like the sky and the way the ocean looks along the edges of the map. The bots seem to like one particular area of the map, but a fun bot match can still be had. Good use of the textures and colors in the HOLP style in a map that is a great TDM map."

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