Scott Coxhead



Name: Scott Coxhead

Alias: Cr4zy / Cr4zyB4st4rd

Nationality: British

E-mail: [email protected]


Twitter: @_Cr4zy



Seeking employment


Previous Professional Work:

Dungeon Defenders: The "Moonbase Update" - Porting, Content managing and Level Design - 2015

Brought in to help port content from the now abandoned DDE into DD1 to allow the Community to continue supporting DD1 with the new DDE content, also includes my map winnign level Moonbase which was originally left out of DD1's official ranked mode for DDE
Dungeon Defenders Official Site

Dungeon Defenders Eternity - Level Designer - 2014

I worked remotely on Dungeon Defenders Eternity, I created assets both 3D and 2D for minor sections and worked with artists for larger pieces to fit the artistic style required in levels. I ported multiple DD1 levels into the updated engine doing complete collision, optimizing and pathing passes. I also did these same passes on all of the newly created levels along with bug fixing throughout. Plus the creation and completion of a level for DLC along with other unfinished pieces.
Dungeon Defenders Eternity Official Site

Monster Madness Online - Level Designer and Kismet Scripter - 2013 - 2014

I worked on multiple levels both world building and gameplay scripting, we created puzzles and gameplay events for all of the levels working with other scripters and level designers to create multiple large levels with various checkpoints and challenges. I also had the responsibility of doing optimization passes on the levels, this required; collision, pathing, lightmapping, model culling. Plus a healthy amount of bug fixing.
NomNom Games

Dungeon Defenders: The Tinkerer's Lab - Level Design - 2013

Contracted to produce The Tinkerer's Lab DLC for Dungeon Defenders, blocking out the level to requesting and placing art assets along with lights, level scripting and an inital pass of balance followed by bug fixing and optimizing. Some work was done internally by Trendy Entertainment for balance and bug fixing, plus the inital design of the Assault challenge.
Dungeon Defenders Official Site

Dungeon Defenders: The Eternia Shards - BETA tester - 2012

Working with a team of other BETA testers, our job was to provide balancing, bugs, geometry issues and general gameplay problems that arose with the Eternia Shards DLC
Dungeon Defenders Official Site

The Haunted: Hells Reach - QA and BETA tester - 2011

I worked with the Hells Reach team on their Indie title. I provided feedback on level design bugs and issues. Along with feedback on gameplay, unlocks and the combat system.
Haunted: Hells Reach Official Site


Bristows Cycles - Web Design - 2010

Redesigning and updating the previous version I had designed in 2007. All HTML/CSS/Imagery was done by myself, minus the logo design.
The site is viewable at


Dungeon Defenders third map contest - Level Design - 2013
1st place, the level was not introduced into Dungeon Defenders official ranked mode. Instead it was released within Dungeon Defenders Eternity.

Dungeon Defenders second map contest - Level Design - 2012
1st place, the level has been included in the games official ranked mode.'s 20 brush contest - UT3 Level Design - 2010
1st place for Unreal Tournament

Epic Games' Make Something Unreal contest - UT3 Level Design - 2008-2009
Achieving a 1st and 3rd place, in two categories over two phases. Along with an Honorable Mention.

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