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PC Download for WAR-Valley
PS3 Download for WAR-Valley

WAR - Valley

Valley is a medium, 8-14 player map for UT3. Created initally for learning the Unreal 3 engine, it became a fully finished level.

It was built from scratch in an intense 30 days. It was tested many times through varioud releases by seasoned Warfare players. It could do with some lighting and general environment improvements, however it's played quite regularly on UT3 Warfare servers.

Award: MSUC Phase 1 - 1st Place Warfare Map

Review: Fileplanet - And voted best Warfare map is WAR-Valley, which should also win the "Boring-in-screenshots-OUTSTANDINGLY-fun-gameplay" award if one existed. The gameplay just sucks you in, and the level design is amazing.

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