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DM - Z

Z is a small, 4-8 player, DM map for UT3. Created to be part of the HOLP3 pack, again gameplay before visuals.

Whilst i was building this map I decided to do something special with the lighting again so the visuals would be something different yet not be let down by the fact it's low poly. As a result the map has many cubes placed throughout it, glowing either Orange, Blue or Pink. Along with these a custom emitter was created to be a replacement for a teleport.

Award: None

Review: SkaarjMaster "This has good shadows and design with the almost lego floors and is that blue thing? Oh, a teleporter :). I'm not sure I like the cubes that much, but I did like the placement of the Udamage. I did notice the bots getting stuck under the shock rifle though. I liked the narrow ledges, layout and ramp/lift placement; you just have to figure out what to do and then it's fun."

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