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DM - Restrict

Restrict is a small, 2 - 6 player map for UT3. Created originally as part of a college project this evolved into a playable DM map.

Worked on rather quickly for the MSUC Phase 3 deadline, so it was built with hardly any feedback from veteran players. Although in this time the visuals in the environment came to life with some lighting that i spent much more time on then my previous maps. The visuals are the main focus in this map.

The design of this map came from old and derelict places, as such the roof is rusting and falling away, brick walls are lined with holes. The lighting in this map had a large amount of time spent on it, for some sections custum meshes were created to create shadows to really bring the details out. The lighting is mostly static however a few dynamic ones add some subtle enhancements. The whole map also features dynamic weather, based around the sheild belt within the map, just before it spawns a storm starts to brew and rain pours down, whilst the thunder rolls and the lightning above claps. After the belt is grabbed the storm goes away as quickly as it came, leaving god rays from the sun shinging through the destroyed roof.

Award: None

Review: UTUnlimited :: 92/100

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