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WAR - Flux

Flux is a small to medium sized warfare map for UT3, ideally played with 12 players however more or less works fine. Created originally to be a seperate map it was later included in the popular HOLP3 Map pack. A pack founded to keep great gameplay, simplicity all in one, with visuals of that like UT1, but with some of UT3's pop.

Flux was worked on over a rather long period of time, with about 2 - 3 months work overall by the end of it. As the vast majority of this map is BSP, the textures are what creates the visuals here, Flux went through many different visual styles until reaching the final set, which were created from stock images within photoshop and one from UT2004, plus a few stock UT3 ones. Again the lighting plays a major part in the visuals of the map. it features a kismet rigged up hologram in each base which shows a layout of the warfare nodes and colours them as to which team owns them.

Award: None

Review: SkaarjMaster "Wild inside (almost cool CTF-type layout) WAR map and very sunny and windmill-like outside. I liked this one and it's the best WAR map in the pack ;). Seriously though, I don't play WAR that much and this was definitely fun. :)"

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