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PC Download for vCTF-Defection
PS3 Download for vCTF-Defection

vCTF - Defection SE

Defection is a medium, 6 - 12 player map for UT3. Created for vCTF players bored of the stock maps, more experimenting within Unreal Engine, Kismet to be exact and to be entered to Make Something Unreal Contests second phase.

Defection was worked on in two phases, due to exams in the middle. Overall about 3 - 4 weeks was spent working on the map. It was again tested by seasoned players of the gamemode it was being designed for. It has much more player feedback then valley, lights flicker once your flag is taken. Lights come on and off in sections of the map to signal pickups and power-ups spawning. Along with burnable bushes and trees.

They layout was designed to give flag runners who had no vehicle support some routes out of and into bases where they wopuldn't have to fight unfairly vs vehicles. But at the same time making sure that these routes wouldn't let them get away easily either. The majority of these routes may provide some extra cover however they do also streth further then the open middle of the map.

Award: MSUC Phase 2 - 3rd Place vCTF Map

Review: None

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