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DM - Cipe

Originally destined for an unfortunatly ended HOLP4, DM-Cipe brings hardcore oldskool gameplay and looks in the form on an ancient castle set in a lava covered planet. Constructed from 8345 brushes, and hours of work. Sporting custom meshes, textures, sounds and more to make it unique.
Built for competitive 4v4 games, and tested thoroughly by such players the map takes player counts from 3v3 to 6v6 nicely.

The background story is as follows;

To some, a Molten world may seem like a place to be avoided, but it was once a place that many called home.
What was once a rich, healthy, and sustainable world, was devastated when attacked by the Necris, who harvested the planet dry for its owns means.
Now the planet's surface is engulfed with molten lava. Only the greatest structures remain, few and far between.
The most epic of these structures still stands tall; a castle which was once ripe with goodwill and honour, is now congested with violence and history.
It waits amid the lava so that it may succeed you too.

Cipe has been well recieved by the small remaining competitive community of UT3 featuring in multiple cups to-date, aswell as pleasing people who play casually both on and offline.

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