Scott Coxhead


The Moonbase

PC Download for Moonbase via Steam Workshop


When the defenders of Etheria dream they don't stop fighting, their dreams are full of many things, wonderful and terrible. The Moonbase is a world dreamed of by the young defenders and here they battle a different environment, low gravity, mysterious crystal behavior and other secrets hidden within.

+ 3 Crystals, upto 2 expendable
+ 13 waves
+ 105 Dynamic Defence Units
+ 4 brand new weapons and a special pet, if you can figure out how to unlock it
+ Lots of new custom content
+ Features a DDR machine!

Moonbase was designed for the Dungeon Defenders third map contest. I designed it to be a brand new experience within the game, that means allowing a win condition where upto two of the crystals can die. This is done by assigning a players defense units to crystal health. The more crystals you lose or that take damage, the lower your DU limit. Each crystal has multiple attack routes and if you choose to let other crystals die, the enemy's attacking along those routes increases.

The level includes over 300 new assets, with over 90% new content the level brings a whole new environment to the world of Etheria and Dungeon Defenders. Included with the new art assets are weapons, rewards and pets.

Featuring 6 brand new rewards, completely custom. The new models are 4 weapons one each for each hero class. The fourth is a pet obtained from figuring out the easter egg within the level. Providing you with a 'Fish in a bowl' pet or a luxurious 'Treadmill on a Treadmill'.

Moonbase won first place in the Dungeon Defenders third map contest and was added to the official Ranked mode two years later after Trendy Entertainment dropped support of Dungeon Defenders Etheria, which the map was also included in.

During the process of including Moonbase officially into Dungeon Defenders all of the custom content was made available for anyone else to make use of within the editor.

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