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Akatiti Jungle

PC Download for Akatiti Jungle via Steam Workshop

Akatiti Jungle

In the depths of this Etherian rain forest lay the ruins of a once magnificent civilization. The decaying ancient temples and tombs of the Mayans left scatterned amongst the constantly growning jungle. Do you have what it takes to fight back the mobs to stand firm and hold your ground, for treasures await those who can solve the secrets and those who can defeat the masses of ancient evil.

+ 4 player campaign level with 3 crystals
+ 13 waves with a finale boss battle
+ 85 Defence Units
+ 3 brand new weapons and a special pet, if you can figure out how to unlock it
+ Lots of new custom content
+ Features butterflies and dragonflies!

Akatiti Jungle was designed for the Dungeon Defenders second map contest, it has been built to offer players a welcoming campaign level that any player can get the hang of. With the layout built to offer multiple attack routes yet provide the player(s) with options depending on how risky they wish to build. With 3 ground routes to each crystal and additional routes for flying mobs you need to keep your defences spread well. Watch out for the spiders and sharken that might just ruin your day.

The level includes a fair amount of new content to give a unqiue visual appearance that helps to seperate it from the official levels, while still using some stock content to keep the familiarity. Along with that some shaders have been used to help add randomness across meshes so they don't show repetition as obviously as they mgiht normally do. There is also the use of a flowmap for the water shader to aid in the believability of the water plane.

Along with new environmental assets the level features 4 brand new rewards, 3 completely custom and the fourth a mashup of Trendy Entertainment creations. The new models are 3 weapons one each for the Squire, Apprentice and Monk. The fouth is a pet obtained from figuring out the easter egg within the level. Providing you with a 'Turtle on a treadmill' pet.

If you wish to you can check out the map video either on the download link above or on my videos page

Akatiti won first place in the Dungeon Defenders second map contest and has since been added to the official Ranked mode along with Map Contest 2nd place winner, Tower Wars the news post can be found here.

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